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            Organosilicon field tower fertilizer

            Including proportion


            Product features

            Soil improvement: promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, remove soil hardening, enhance root respiration.

            High utilization rate: it dissolves rapidly in water, has special soil affinity, does not lose fertilizer, and greatly improves the utilization rate.

            Significant increase in yield: increase in thousand grain weight of crops, yield increase effect is obvious.

            Improve the quality: a variety of elements balanced and fully absorbed, effectively improve the quality of agricultural products.

            Disease and insect resistance: promote the stem and leaf epidermal cell wall thickening, cuticle increase, improve the resistance to diseases and pests.

            Strong resistance: water and fertilizer conservation, improve crop drought resistance, cold resistance, lodging resistance, saline alkali resistance.

            Saving fertilizer and labor: uniform particles, strong hardness, conducive to machine sowing, saving fertilizer and labor.

            Suitable crops

            The product is low chlorine fertilizer, suitable for wheat, corn, rice, sorghum, cotton and other field crops, as well as other suitable low chlorine crops, suitable for base fertilizer and topdressing of crops.

            Application method

            Generally 25-50kg/mu, the specific amount can be adjusted according to the local soil fertility and fertilizer habits.

            Package specification